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LF Charities

Supporting the creation of a sustainable public commons for open source technology and open collaboration

What is LF Charities?

Open technology projects are freely shared with the world to advance the common interest of society at large. They help overcome some of the world’s most pressing challenges and inequalities. Through LF Charities, Inc. (“LF Charities”), we aim to accelerate this effort, by educating, inspiring, and empowering technologists and their communities; and supporting them with necessary funding by facilitating charitable and philanthropic donations of funds.

LF Charities empowers people and communities worldwide to engage in the creation and development of open source technology.  This includes enabling a wide range of technical collaboration, including open source software, standards, hardware, and data.  It is the goal of LF Charities to enable development of open technology which is shared freely across the world to tackle societal challenges and bridge inequalities. LF Charities is committed to fostering a public commons for open source technology—a commons that propels the advancement of society at large. With this charitable mission, LF Charities supports the Linux Foundation ecosystem.

If you have an open technology project or wish to support a project with a charitable or philanthropic donation of funds, please reach out to us at

LF Charities is a Delaware nonprofit corporation and Section 509(a)(3) supporting organization that is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States (“IRC”).  LFC supports The Linux Foundation, an Oregon mutual benefit corporation tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the IRC.

LF Charities Projects and Programs

LF Charities Policies

These policies may be amended and new policies may be established by LF Charities Inc. by publishing such amended or new policy on the LF Charities’ web site. Any such amended or new policy is effective thirty- (30-) days following publication on LF Charities’ web site, with the exception of any amendment of the Terms of Use or the Trademark Policy, which is effective upon publication on LF Charities’ web site. If you have a general question about any policy, please feel free to reach out to the Manager of LF Charities at For specific questions surrounding legal interpretation and compliance with any of these policies, please consult with your legal counsel.